I wanted to describe my impression of the Tree chart that Joy did for me. I won't describe it's physical appearance, other than to say that it is impressive, in order not to ruin the surprise of receiving it, but will instead limit myself to its essential content.

I thought Joy's idea was elegantly simple. One starts with one's astrological chart, and then one superimposes the planets on the Tree.

To make your Qabalistic Tree, what Joy does is this: First, draw 4 Trees, one for each Element.

If your Mars is in a Fire sign, it is put on the appropriate path and sphere on your Atziluth Tree (Spiritual). If it is in Water, it is put on your Briah Tree, (Emotional). If it is in Air, put it on your Yetzirah Tree, (Logical). If it is in Earth, put it in Assiah Tree, (Practical). She does this with the rest of the planets...

The next step she connects the Aspects of the various Planets. Simply put, Trines and Sextiles indicate your talents, Squares, Oppositions and Quincunx indicate things that one is working on in this lifetime, the lessons we are working through.

So if in your astro chart you have Mars in Cancer Square Moon in Libra, she place these Planets on their appropriate Spheres, one on the Water Tree and one on the Earth Tree. Seeing this visually on the sheet of four Trees already tells us a lot about what we have to work on.

Then she does the same thing with the Planetary correspondences on the Paths. Connect the two Paths of Mars and Moon with a line, indicating what its Aspect is (square, trine, etc). Then you can meditate on your personal Tree, what these Paths mean and contemplate the relationship between them as they relate to your actual life, and the answers come up quickly enough.

Other examples she uses are Hermit Square Justice on the Trees, for example. All and all, a refreshing approach to relating astrology to the Tree, thanks for your work, Joy! :-