Qabalah - The Western Mysteries

Where are you Spiritually?
How are your Emotions?
What about your Psychological outlook?
Where on Earth are you Practically?
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Personalising the Qabalah


Tarot is a very ancient system of knowledge which can be used for many things. It could be called the Pagan Bible. It is divided into 3 sections. The 22 Major Arcana which represent Archetypal forces. The suit cards are numbered and called Minor Arcana Cards. They work in the Element they are associated with i.e. Wands, Fire, Action. Cups, Water, Emotion. Swords, Air, Communication of ideas, Tests. Pentacles results in manifestation.
The Court Cards represent characters and personalities we are likely to meet on Earth


Astrology is a Universal Truth. It is a map to help us find a path through the landscape of life. We have at all times, however, free choice to take a different path.
" A fool is ruled by the stars but a wise person rules them. "


Crystals & Gem Stones

Practical uses & discussions as Therapy, Scrying, Radionics & individual requirements, group work such as Planetary balancing, Cosmic contacts etc. Love is in the Earth Crystal Tarot by Melody.