Individual Items

Talking Stones

The idea comes from Africa, as peach stones, although I’m very sure there are many countries with a similar Divination theme.

The Stones are of similar seize & are coloured with symbols applied to them. The Questioner first mixes the Stones in both hands, so that they are polarised, if only one hand were to be used then only the energy of that hand would be added so the result would not be balanced.

Then the Stones are thrown on the floor or table etc. Look at the general over impression of the pattern the Stones have fallen in, does it represent a symbol or a letter or any thing? They represent a photograph of the present time. However the area closest to the client represents influences from the Past & the Centre is really Now, & the furthest away is the Future coming in.

Look at upside down ones, this is not a negative thing, just an inner level for those Stones, or sub-merged rather than outer expression of that quality. More than half upside down often has a South latitude connection some how.

Look at how close they are, & imagine lines linking them all up. Look at things from the different Stones perspective, e.g. what is closet to the Logical Stone, or Trouble or Success etc.

The White one with the Eye, represents the Client, & is where to start the interpretation. This is the Centre around which all the others revolve. Then go on to the next closest Stone, & so on.

Sometimes a Stone flies off the area so that has sort of left the present situation.

Some times the Client drops a Stone when they are mixing them. This depends what they do next, it is their choice, as they have received the Stones. Sometimes they decide to leave the Stone where it fell, then you have to see what Stone it is, they may have dropped themselves, or may be it is Success? If the pick up the Stone & carry on just mention what the Stone represents, & they retrieved it through their own efforts.

It is a good idea to discuss their chuck, pathetic, feeble can be put across jokingly or tactfully, as how they approach life. If the Client chucks them very strongly, & they shoot of the Table, they may living for the Future depending on the Stone, not paying enough attention to “Now which is a Gift & that’s why its called The Present!!!

Occasionally one is leaning on another, or being supported by the other Stone, bring this into the interpretation.

There is only one baddy, the Black one, if it is close to the Red one then they have to be very careful what action they take. If with the Yellow one, discuss Health matters gently.

What Stone is closest to the Blue one of Success, as generally this Stone would be involved in the Success.

You can add any other Stones you want to, e.g. for career or job, or travel, not only the distance apart of the Stones.

 Sun stone
The Sun Shine, Attitudes, Health, Sunny Disposition, principles & values especially for Relationships in theory, through Balanced Emotion & Logic.

 Moon stone
The Moon, Emotions, Feelings, Instincts, Home, family influences.

 Green stone
Significant Others, all dealings with people close, bonded relationships, & close friendships.

 Self stone
The self, the client, start there.

 Logic stone
Logic, Ideas, Communications, Thoughts, Analytical Ability, Plans.

 Logic stone
Acquaintances, people not close, may be work colleagues, Outer World influences.

 Succes stone
Success in anything, Achievements, Expansion, Opportunities, Goodie Things.

 Black stone The Baddy, Trouble, Hassle, Problems etc. Call them Challenges, Projects, even Advantages & Adventures. The symbol is a Gate & we can ALWAYS find the key to the Gate. Usually it is close to where we keep fear.

 Action stone Action, Energy, Crossed Swords possibly to warn us about misuse of energy. This is the driving force Stone, so what ever it is close to will be Energised, lets hope it is not too close to the Baddy, however that can mean Action has to be taken about dealing with our Challenges not just hoping they will go away on their own…

Dragon's Teeth

A bag containing 7 similar seized Stones to represent Teeth. A layout tray or paper to drop them on.

On the Paper we have houses or natural placements where each Tooth is at Home. These being connected by the Colour. We can have a combination of 49 possible placements.

The Client things of a situation or question while swirling the Teeth around in the bag but does not look at the Teeth.

When ready the Client pulls out 1 Tooth, & with eyes closed drops the Tooth over the Paper . the Tooth is placid on the House closest to where it lands, & this is the starting point. E.g. picked out Dragon & when chucked it ended up closest to Seas Serpents house number 4, so you read Dragon in Sea Serpent interpretation. The next one is still unseen in the bag, after swirling them around the next Tooth is placed in House number 5, Eagle, & so on. So in this e.g. you’d finish up with Tiger House number 3.

The interpretation can be given as each Tooth is pulled, or at the end.

Colour Cards

Know yourself through colour, lots of selection here, you can choose single colours or combinations.

Angel Cards

A Special Guardian Angel to assist in all areas of life.

Special Thoughts for Special People

A flick open little book of Special Thoughts.

Edgar Case Advice Cards

Edgar is an American sleeping prophet and the consultation involves advice and quotes from his readings. flick open little book of Special Thoughts.

Anthony Robins Giant Steps

Consultations on particular important days, for instance birthdays.


These are for fun !! They deal with the different levels such as the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and the favourite which is Spiritual. These games can be done over a few nights.