Radionics is Vibrational Balancing, is a Holistic approach to Healing which is Totally Safe with no side effects. It works well with other Complimentary & Conventional Therapies. It works at a Distance anywhere in the World, the Patient does Not have to be Physically Present to receive any Radionic Balancing. It is also known as Teletherapy, & many other names in different countries.

Radionics is effective for Humans, Animals, Plants, Crops, Soil & The Land. Analysis by Radionic Equipment is based on the subtle energy vibrations, harmony or the lack of, for that individual at the time of testing. It is also possible to track back to the possible source of a disturbance. Also to indicate trends which could cause a lack of balance in the future .

Some equipment is Laser activated Solitron Wave Energy. This has over 2,600 remedies built in, which can Automatically Select the most suitable Remedy for any situation for an individual. Equipment used is Copens Radionic Instruments, Manidipa the Electronic Caduceus, & the SE 5+ which has is own built in Computer.

Analysis is on 12 Subtle Levels, which include Spiritual, Emotional , Psychological, Aura, Chakras & Physical/Etheric which includes Vitamins & Minerals, Allergies, Shocks etc. As well as in depth analysis if required on any level.

Therapies using Radionic Balancing Instruments directly to the Individual. Acupuncture, no more need for needles. Astrological Therapy, Automatic Selection. Bio Chemic Tissue Salts. Colour Therapy. Crystal & Gem Therapy. Flower Essences. Homeopathic. Magnetic Healing. Numerology.

Fees for a Consultation are based on time taken for each analysis & report if required, & Radionic Treatment is based on the length of course required.

Radionics is a method of analysing & balancing at a distance through the medium of an instrument using the ESP faculty. In other words it is a form of instrument Dowsing or Radiesthesia, through which a trained and competent practitioner can determine the cause of lack of balance or harmony within a living system, be it human, animal, plant or the soil itself. This looks at all the levels of the individual Spiritual, Emotional & Mental. The cause of the unbalance having been established, suitable therapeutic energies can be projected to the patient in order to help restore optimum harmony.

During the late 194Oís and particularly the 1950ís, a great deal of research into Radionics was initiated by George and Marjorie De La Warr at their laboratories in Oxford. Once again, instruments and techniques were refined and improved and a lot of work was done in the field of Radionic photography. By the early 1970ís a chiropractor named David Tansley continued by adding magnetically energized patterns into Radionics and made them a part of every day practice in order to simplify analysis and balancing procedures and give the work a deeper value and effectiveness.

In Radionics, all diseases, organs and remedies are seen to have their own special frequency or vibration. It is standard practice when a Radionic practitioner is consulted, for the patient to send a hair sample, photograph or hand writing, accompanied by a case history and a description of present symptoms. To make an analysis the practitioner places the patientís sample on the Radionic instrument, then attunes his/her mind to the patient and adjusts the dials of the instrument in a way which is analogous to the tuning of a radio to receiving a distant transmission. The practitioner is then ready to go through a series of Charts & lists, the responses to which will give a picture of the patients subtle energy and a guide to the most suitable balancing procedures required for that individual.

Radionic analysis is not a medical analysis, but a means of identifying and clearly assessing the underlying lack of balance which may give rise to pathological states and their symptoms. These findings may or may not relate to current medical opinion but is along para-physical lines, and dealing as it does with causative factors which may not be clinically identifiable or measurable.

Once the Radionic analysis is completed and the major causative factors of the lack of balance, have been accurately determined, the practitioner ascertains what form of therapy is required to restore harmony. As all pathological states have their own particular frequency or vibration, he/she selects those Rates which will counteract the imbalance in the patient. These Rates which are in fact a digitisation of radiation (waves) are then projected or broadcast to the patient by means of a Radionic treatment set, once again using the photo or hair as a link.In order to augment the beneficent effect of the Rate, some practitioners will add the appropriate homeopathic medicine, colour, flower remedy, vitamin or mineral sample to the treatment by placing it on the treatment set near the photo or other sample. For some it may be hard to accept that such procedure can be effective at a distance. However, the weight of clinical evidence leaves no doubt as to the efficacy of this form of therapy. Should there be any indication that the individual needs other forms of therapy, the practitioner may suggest dietary changes or refer them to osteopathic or chiropractic treatment or orthodox therapy.

One of the advantages of a Radionic diagnosis is, of course, the fact that it is often possible to detect potentially serious conditions at an early stage and, by appropriate Radionic Balancing, prevent them from developing to the point where they become organic and thus clinically identifiable. Of vital importance too, is the fact that because Radionic treatment takes place at a subtle non-physical level, it cannot harm living tissue or produce any untoward side effects.

Radionics, by its very nature, is an holistic approach to healing, it is above all concerned with the total being, Spiritual, Mind, Emotions and with the subtle force fields and energies that govern the functioning and well being of all physical organic systems. Radionics works with the principle of the Hologram. The purpose of Radionics is to single out the causative factors of lack of balance or disease, and, by removing them, help the individual to re-establish optimum state of health.

The Radionic electronic equipment has now been totally upmarketed to include the use of Lazier activated Solitron wave technology, where 2600 remedies are accessible to the practitioner and an Automatic Selection from these for the patient under Radionic examination is carried out in minutes. Radionic Balancing can also be carried out using individually programmed Encoded Card System, where up to 8 items can be encoded at one time, so a wider range of items is possible. This is especially good for Acupuncture Rates.

If there are imbalances on the physical level bear in mind the holistic approach to healing is, the whole bodyís harmony, so any imbalance in one area will be reflected in other areas too.