Celtic Calendar of Festivals

Dates are approximatives as things do change with the Leap Year.

1st February IMBOLC.

Candlemass, is the Celtic Spring things are beginning to wake up. Runes Pertho, Algiz & Sowulo.


Balance of Light & Darkness moving towards more Light. The Subtle or Elemental levels & Nature Spirits involved with supporting life on Earth are beginning to work hard now. This is the Tide of Sowing. Tiewas, Berkana & Ehwaz.

1st May BELTANE.

All is working, full development time of expansion. Mannaz, Laguz & Inguz.

21st June MID SUMMER.

Longest light time. Play time, celebration, respect of the shortening light time ahead. This is the Tide of Reaping. Othila, Dagaz & Fehu.

1st August LAMMAS.

Early fruits of harvest, results of the earlier efforts beginning to show. Uruz, Thurisaz & Ansuz.

21st September AUTUMN EQUINOX.

Balance again of Light & Dark, going towards more Dark. Preparation for contemplation ahead & projects for the long evenings. The Tide of Planning. Raido, Kenaz & Gebo.

31 October SAMHAIN.

End of the Celtic year. Tranquillity & inner peace should be aimed for. Wunjo, Hagalaz & Nauthiz.

21st December MID WINTER.

The darkest time of the year, the roots will push to the Light which is coming in. The Tide of Destruction. Isa, Jera & Eihwaz.