Joy riding


Joy's resume

I have been looking after Animals since 1967, Horses, Donkeys, Goats, Dogs and Cats mainly. This is what lead me into Radionics in the first place.

Since 1976 1 have worked Radionicly for People and Animals all over the World, including Stud farms in Ireland, and Racing Yards in Newmarket. Radionics has the ability to function within unlimited distances.

I started formal training in 1974, with the International College of Radionics, I did Astrology, and then I studied the Western Mysteries which I still continue. The framework for the Western Mysteries is the Qabalah, which is known as Yoga of the West. Coming from an Astrological perspective, it seemed very natural for me to transpose Astrology Charts on to the Tree of Life. When one has knowledge of a particular system it is easy to pick up other systems by association.


Joy's Background

My Mother and I were refugees from the German Invasion of the Channel Islands, my father having already been called up into the army, and was involved in forming Auxiliary Units, an undercover unit. We lived in a tiny village called Coleshill in Wiltshire. I received great encouragement and tuition from the family. They were involved in Spiritual Philosophies, Practices, and were members of the Theosophical Society.

The reality of the Astral level, and the illusion of physical manifestation, although an important part of “life” whilst occupying a physical body, was stressed, so that the individual could fulfil their Spiritual purpose for this incarnation.

From Pat, my mother, I learned Astrology, Telepathy and Channelling. Magic, Mind Control and use of the Mind from Oxo. Both shared an interest in Nature and Spiritual freedom not confined to a labelled religion. Oxo was excommunicated after I arrived. He did not agree to me being brought up as a Roman Catholic, as Pat was strongly against this. She had been sent to England from India as a young girl, to be brought up by her Uncle, in a Church of England rectory, which she found exceedingly challenging. Her parents and brother remained in India, where she had been very contented and happy, having many fascinating stories and books about the Indian Traditions, which I could not get enough of as a child and teenager.

As a child I used to know that I left the dimensions of our Solar System. This happened often and soon was voluntary. I could not always consciously recall the experiences. It was pure escapism, especially from school, which I thought a total waste of time. The lessons I found limited and restricting, what was the point of spelling a word “correctly” when words were inadequate methods of exchanging knowledge, and describing experiences anyway. I had knowledge and visual recall of Atlantis and the Vast Realms or Levels of Spiritual Beings, behind our illusionary existence on this plane, which was for me very flat, by comparison to my inner reality.

We returned to Jersey after the War finished, and I was brought up in the family business, a Holiday Camp which I sold in 1970. This gave me the means to bring up my family, study and work with Animals.

I now try to help people find their path in life. To consider other options open to them when they seem to be up against a brick wall. I find their Personal Qabalah Tree reveals these options. Radionics also helps to adjust any Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual lack of balance. In Qabalah there is only unbalanced energy, not bad situations.


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